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Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong

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1. Detailed information about Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong

enlightenedVNFDI Review: Zone Ngu Phuc industry has a convenient geographical position and traffic, converging all 5 types of traffic: road, railway, sea, inland waterway and air, especially near Hai Phong port. very convenient for the transportation and circulation of goods; Not only that, the industrial park is in the process of investment and infrastructure completion, so the vacant land and factory for lease will fully meet the needs of investors.

Ngu Phuc General Industrial Park with a total research area of ​​639.7 hectares belongs to the administrative boundaries of two communes Ngu Phuc, Kien Quoc (Kien Thuy), located in the North of Van Uc River, 20 km from the city center about 20 km from the city center. in the Southwest, including projects for the production of consumer goods, shipbuilding and repair, commercial and service complexes and modern residential areas, with convenient transport connections in the area, budget infrastructure investment is estimated at 1,821.98 billion VND.

  • Name: Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong
  • Established: January 2020
  • Operation term: 01/2070 (50 years from the date of establishment)
  • Address: Ngu Phuc Commune, Kien Thuy District, Hai Phong City
  • Total area: 639.7 ha
  • Workshop Area: 3000m²
  • XD density (%): 60%
  • Price: Negotiable (Price excludes VAT and may change depending on actual time)

enlightenedNgu Phuc Industrial Park is oriented with promotion areas that encourage and attract investment such as:

2. Overview of Kien Thuy district – Hai Phong

I. Area of ​​Kien Thuy district – Hai Phong

The district has an area of ​​102.56 km², the population in 2019 is 152,850 people.

Kien Thuy district is located in the southeast of Hai Phong city, the district capital is Nui Do town, 16 km southeast of the city center. The district is geographically located:

  • Eastern border with district Duong Kinh and district < a title=”Do Son” href=””>Do Son
  • Western border with district An Lao
  • South border with district Tien Lang (via Van Uc River) and Gulf of Tonkin</li >
  • Northern border with district Kien An.


II. Economy of Kien Thuy district – Hai Phong

The average production value in the area in the period 2016-2020 is 13.46%/year; period 2021-2025 is 14.28%/year; the period 2026-2030 is 15.32%/year. The city’s share of production value is 2%. The economic structure by the production value of the Service – Industry, construction – Agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors in 2020 is 41.2% – 33.37% – 25.43%. In 2025 respectively 42.27% – 37.4% – 20.33%. In 2030 it is 43.27% – 41.56% – 15.17%.

The master plan identifies breakthrough stages: rapidly increasing the proportion of industry and services; develop agriculture in the direction of ecology, apply high technology, produce goods; develop human resources to meet district development requirements… Key products identified: real estate business; Commerce; carriage; Warehouse; accommodation and catering services; textile products and apparel; mechanical products, means of transport; products processed from wood; food and beverage processing; Tan Trao specialty sticky rice, safe vegetables; high-quality pork, colored feathered chicken; shrimp, white leg shrimp, tilapia, aquatic breeding stock.

Regarding the development orientation of economic space, economic growth poles will be formed: Nui Do town – Tu Son commune – Tan Trao commune – Ngu Phuc commune – Doan Xa commune. To build Nui Do town into an ecological and satellite town of Hai Phong city; to build Tan Trao and Tu Son communes into two new townships of the district.

The City People’s Committee also promulgated together with the list of projects prioritized for investment in Kien Thuy district in the period 2016-2030 with 31 projects, with a total investment capital of 2,284,227 billion VND for the period 2016-2020; VND 1,603.9 billion for the period 2021-2025 and VND 350 billion for the period 2026 – 2030 from the city budget, district budget and investment enterprises.


III. Traffic in Kien Thuy district – Hai Phong

In the district, there is a highway Hanoi – Hai Phong passing over 10 km long and there is a project Ninh Binh – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh Expressway passes.

Traffic in the district is very convenient for exchanges with other localities both by land, water and sea:

– Roads besides the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, there are also provincial and district roads such as: TL361, TL362, TL363, DH403, DH404, DH405

– River routes: Van Uc river, Da Do river…’


3. Location and connection of Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong

yesNgu Phuc Industrial Park has geographical location and traffic It is very convenient to fully converge 5 types of traffic by road, waterway, sea, railway and air. This is a unique feature of Ngu Phuc industrial park in particular and industrial parks of Hai Phong city in general, promising to be very attractive to investors, especially foreign investors. participate in Ngu Phuc industrial park.

Distance of Ngu Phuc Industrial Park to locations:

  • 21km from Hai Phong city center;
  • 20km from Hai Phong port;
  • About 65km from Cai Lan port;
  • About 100km from Hanoi city center;
  • 25km from Cat Bi International Airport;
  • About 120km from Noi Bai International Airport.


4. Labor source of Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong

Besides the favorable geographical position, the labor force is also an advantage of the port city. As of 2019, Hai Phong has 1.2 million employees, of which 75% are trained. Especially, Hai Phong is the center of the Northern coastal area, where the total population is over 20 million people, which is an abundant human resource for Hai Phong. With a system of 4 universities, more than 60 colleges and vocational schools, it can be affirmed that Hai Phong has high quality human resources that can meet the requirements of high and modern technology. With an abundant and qualified labor force, it will fully meet the needs of investment enterprises in Ngu Phuc industrial park.


5. Investment incentives for Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Hai Phong

  • Operation period: 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate. Investors can lease long-term or transfer, invest. During the leasing process, investors can sublease or transfer to other retail investors.
  • Tax:

– Corporate income tax (Decree No. 218/2013/ND-CP): Enterprise income tax exemption for 02 years and 50% reduction of payable tax amount for the next 4 years when investors invest in an industrial park

– VAT exemption: For enterprises that are granted investment certificates, which are EP export processing enterprises.

  • Land rent (Decree No: 46/2014/ND-CP)

– Projects using land to build houses for workers of industrial parks according to projects approved by competent authorities.

– Land for construction of infrastructure for common use in industrial parks, industrial clusters, and export processing zones according to the planning approved by competent authorities specified in Clause 2, Article 149 of the Land Law.

  • About industries with investment incentives (DecreeType/ClassLevel APayment Method12 monthsDeposit0.05Minimum Area1 haFactory4 USDManagement feeManagement fee0.5 USD/m2Payment Method3 months/12 monthsElectricity priceRush hours0.1 USD/KwhNormal0.05 USD/KwhOff-peak hours0.03 USD/KwhPayment MethodMonthlySuppliersEVNPrice for clean waterWater price0.4 USD/m3Payment MethodMonthlyWater supplierLocal supplierWastewater chargePrice0.3 USD/m3Payment MethodMonthlyQuality of water before treatmentLevel BQuality of water after treatmentLevel AOther feesYes


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