On May 23rd, 2024, the MOU Signing Ceremony between FDI Vietnam and Trigger Asset Management PTE LTD took place at FDI Vietnam Headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. The ceremony marked the beginning of strategic cooperation between the two parties, opening up greater exchange of investment opportunities in industries with sustainable growth not only in Vietnam and Singapore markets but also in all potential markets worldwide.

The senior leadership representatives from both parties were present at the signing. FDI Vietnam was represented by Mr. Nguyen Trung Tien – Chairman, Ms. Phan Thi Thuy Duong – CEO, Ms. Trieu Thi Minh Ngoc – Senior Adviser of FDI Vietnam. Trigger Asset Management from Singapore was represented by Mr. Goh Seh Harn – CEO, Mr. Anthony Koh – Co-founder and Venture Partner, Ms. Madeline Sam – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ms. Seventeen Hu – Business Development Director and Venture Partner.

Pictures from the ceremony

Synergy between Vietnam and Singapore

FDI Vietnam who has an established domestic investment portfolio in finance, renewable energy, food – agriculture, hotel – resort, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate is experienced in both domestic and foreign capital investment. Trigger Asset Management who is experienced in structuring venture funds from Singapore is constantly seeking investment opportunities regionally and globally. This synergy provides competitive advantages in the investment market allowing FDI Vietnam to tap onto the matured financial hub in Singapore. The two parties will explore projects that are beneficial for domestic Vietnam project owners that will meet the global investor expectations.

In addition, FDI Vietnam has been rapidly developing platforms in the area of digital transformation and AI, helping investors access information and resources quickly and accurately. Some typical examples of development projects are software for “Enterprise Management,” software for “Financial Management,” and a “Capital Market Hub.” These projects aim to improve efficiency and enable digital transformation in all stages of investment for investors. Trigger Asset Management through its portfolio companies can benefit by tapping on this platform to access a larger population of skilled workforce for its venture portfolio endeavours.

This collaboration will facilitate the expansion of investment enquiries between the two parties, thereby potentially facilitating more global investment capital into prospective projects in Vietnam, Singapore and the surrounding region. Both parties aspire to foster greater relationship between Singapore and Vietnam especially in supporting the growth of broader and deeper regional financial centers, attracting financial, banking and investing activities, to provide better opportunities for businesses to secure strategic capital and resources to maximise their investments.

The potential establishment of a FDI Vietnam investment fund for Vietnamese projects in Singapore will benefit both countries. Vietnamese businesses may have more funding options for investors. In turn, Singapore and other international investors can gain access to high growth potential industries in Vietnam.

Both Parties who are licensed in their respective jurisdictions are familiar with cross-border transactions to effectively structure investments which are compliant with the law, ensuring safety and stability for the financial market. A good coordination in compliant structures will provide more confidence to investors and facilitate foreign investment capital flow for both Vietnam and Singapore.

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Pictures from the ceremony

FDI Vietnam regards the signing ceremony to be an important event opening up great potential in Vietnam for more development. The global investment ecosystem is expected to become an effective platform, connecting potential investors with promising investment projects around the world, contributing to promoting economic growth and enhancing Vietnam’s investment position in the international market.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Tien, representative of FDI Vietnam shared: “Today is a special day, FDI Vietnam is very honored to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on multi-disciplinary strategic cooperation with Trigger. We appreciate the experience and expertise of the Senior Management at Trigger and believe that this cooperation will bring many benefits to both sides. We look forward to extensive and strategic cooperation with Trigger, growing together and achieving success. We believe that with the close cooperation of both sides, we will bring investors effective and sustainable solutions.”

Mr. Goh Seh Harn, representative of Trigger expressed: “Vietnam is a potential market with an increasingly improving investment environment. We appreciate the professionalism of FDI Vietnam and believe that this cooperation in exchanging expertise whereby both parties can be a ready outsourced provider to the other is a favourable first step for expanding our investment market in Vietnam. We are are looking forward to working closely with FDI Vietnam to achieve common goals to growing our economies sustainably and bringing greater benefits to safeguard and building the wealth of investors.”

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Pictures from the ceremony

The MOU Signing Ceremony between FDI Vietnam and Trigger is a testament to the friendly economic cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore. We envisage for this cooperation to open up new opportunities for socio-economic development, contribute to improving people’s lives and building a sustainable future for both countries.

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