Investment Investment Promotion and International Cooperation Joint Venture Company Limited (Vietnamese FDI Company) has been implementing and connecting investment promotion activities in order to attract and cooperate with foreign investors selectively; taking quality, efficiency, technology and environmental protection as the main evaluation criteria; give priority to projects with advanced technology, new technology and high technology; economical use of land and energy, modern management, high added value, positive spillover effects on domestic enterprises, connecting global production and supply chains.</p >

The support of Vietnam’s FDI in in-depth market research, networking and B2B trading will be optimally linked to export promotion activities. In addition, we work with many partners who are committed to sustainable trade in goods and services … such as social responsibility and environmental protection.

Our investment promotion services


Picture2 Organize investment promotion, survey and field visits in the locality

Including general advice, procedures, inviting units related to the project, choosing a location, supporting logistics, arranging working sessions with authorities and partners at abroad, support shuttle bus, pick up, arrange meals, rest and interpret for delegations when going on field trips, develop investment promotion documents and organize implementation.

Picture2 Strategic planning

Make a plan to approach the investor, the province and give an overall plan for the whole project. On behalf of domestic and foreign investors work with the investor / province / city to complete the application procedures licenses, learn about investment projects, establish companies, factories, etc., and solve problems in the investment process in Vietnam.

Picture2 Business Connection

with diplomatic organizations and foreign organizations operating in the field of investment and trade promotion such as Embassies/TLSQ, KOTRA, KOCHAM, JETRO, JCCH, JETRO, AMCHAM, EUROCHAM, BOI, TBA, TECO , MATRADE….

Picture2 Documentation consultation

Support to compile investment documents, especially foreign-invested projects.Support to conduct market survey services by topic.Develop documents, publish investment promotion products on digital platforms, paper, software… such as video, brochure, leaflet, guidebook, handbook, flyer.

Picture2 Legal advice

investment-related issues include but are not limited to: Investment procedures, business establishment procedures, procedures for applying for business registration certificates for conditional business lines, financial consulting main & taxes, labor issues & salary, residence, construction costs…

Picture2 Other services

We can help customers conduct other surveys in accordance with customer requirements. Contact hotline 0929150579 for more details.