Landing process

B1 : Proposing suitable land and negotiating support

B2 : Memorandum of understanding/agreement for booking and deposit payment (about 10-20% of total rental value) depends on developer

B3 : Register for IRC /ERC , EPE (if any) up to 30 days for each type

B4: Sign the official land lease contract and make the first payment: 30-40% depending on the investor

B5 : Apply for fire prevention and fighting permits, environmental protection permits, appraise and apply for construction permits

B6 : Handing over land, leveling ready for construction

B7 : Apply for a certificate of land use right / Red book

B8 : From construction to electromechanical installation

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Detailed factory building process

B1 : Prepare project

B2 : Classification of construction investment projects, determining the grade of construction works

B3 : Environmental Impact Assessment Report

B4 : Apply for a Construction Permit, a Fire Prevention Permit

B5 : Project implementation process with construction items

B6 : Finish building

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