VALUE FDI brings to customers

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For industrial park investors

Save on business costs

Expanding an online business channel in parallel with the existing sales system and minimizing selling costs.

brand promotion

Effective approach to customers is investors who are looking for investment opportunities to build factories, rent factories in industrial parks and industrial clusters.
Promote the brand to millions of customers. domestic and international products on the Vietnam industrial real estate portal.

Network Expand

Sales space is expanded on the internet platform, exploiting more potential customers
In addition to brand promotion, industrial park promotion on Vietnam Industrial Real Estate Portal South, investors will be supported by FDI to promote on various other media channels.

For investors looking for land and factories

Save Time

Finding transparent, quick and easy information about industrial parks and industrial clusters across the country.
Posting information about industrial parks and factories on the real estate portal Vietnamese industrial products for free.
Research the investment environment, investment incentive policies of each province and each locality to choose the most optimal investment plan.
Look up news. about Vietnam’s industrial real estate market.

Cost saving

The portal provides general and complete information for easier information search. Many industrial land areas for customers to choose from, search to help optimize land rental costs.
Help investors save information collection costs, transportation costs.
Besides Thereby, the team of experts of FDI is always ready to support and give free advice 24/7.

For factory construction contractors, suppliers of products, services and solutions for businesses in industrial zones

Brand promotion.

FDI attracts millions of visitors and searches for information, this is a great opportunity for factory construction contractors, product, service and solution providers to get closer to business owners. Karma. In addition to finding information about industrial real estate, customers are also interested in useful information attached. This is the reason why partners want to cooperate with FDI to create a reputable service supply chain, a comprehensive solution.

Optimal performance

Customers accessing the portal are investors, business owners who have been and can invest in projects in industrial parks, and are connectors in the field of industrial real estate investment. . These are the customers that factory construction contractors, product, service and solution providers want to reach.

For industrial real estate investment promoters

Increasing connectivity

  • Connecting with investors and customers on Vietnam Industrial Real Estate Portal

Access to millions of potential customers

  • The expanded product promotion space on the internet 4.0 platform helps investment promoters to exploit more potential customers, not limited by geography and time.