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I. Details of Ia Toi 2 Solar Power Plant Project – Kon Tum

VNFDI please give information about construction investment project:

  • Name: Ia Toi 2A Solar Power Plant – Kon Tum.
  • Location: Ia Toi Commune, Ia H’Drai District.
  • Capacity: 49.5 MWp/58.42 ha.
  • Total investment capital (billion VND): 742.5.

II. Overview of Kon Tum Province

Geographic Location

Kon Tum’s provincial capital is Kon Tum city, Ho Chi Minh City 654 km to the North, away from the city Da Nang 320 km to the South and far from the capital Hanoi 1,237 km to the South. Kon Tum Province is located at the confluence of Indochina, mostly in the West Truong Son range, geographical location:

Kon Tum is also the 8th largest province out of 63 province of Vietnam.

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Kon Tum’s terrain is mainly mountainous, occupying about 2/5 area province, including mountains with a slope of 150 or more[7]. Terrain mountain and mountain range published mainly in north</ a> – northwest run to east Kon Tum province, diverse with hills and mountains, plateau and low-lying areas alternate quite complexly, creating rich and diverse landscapes that are both specific to the sub-region and interwoven and integrated, Kon Tum has altitude average from 500 meters to 700 meters, the North has an altitude of 800 meters – 1,200 meters, especially with peaks Ngoc Linh the tallest at 2,596 meters.



Kon Tum is located on the Kon Tum uplift, so it is very diverse in structure geology and minerals.