M&A consulting service of FDI Vietnam helps customers (buyer or seller or both) in finding the most suitable partner, connecting buyers and sellers in the spirit of mutual cooperation. helpful. FDI Vietnam provides a full package of services for the seller or the buyer from the stages of transaction structure planning, identification of the target buyer or seller, due diligence (DD), valuation, negotiation purchase and sale, and support necessary legal issues to ensure a successful transaction.

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The list of customers using corporate financial consulting services of FDI Vietnam is constantly expanding. On that basis, we have built and continuously updated a rich database of investment opportunities in many different fields in major cities and provinces of Vietnam, from food processing, healthcare, education, real estate, financial services, industrial parks, export processing zones, industrial clusters, industrial production, energy, construction and exploitation of seaports, etc. Working experience with investors from different countries and the deep understanding of FDI Vietnam’s staff on investor requirements will make the customer’s merger or acquisition process easier. much easier.



Picture2Introduce and assist in evaluating investment opportunities

The main challenge for foreign investors is finding suitable investment opportunities. The scale of production and business, the operating structure of the enterprise, the specific requirements in accordance with the laws of Vietnam … With our long experience in the field, we can help your business connect with other businesses. the most suitable and potential project.

Picture2Assist in performing ad-hoc due diligence (DD)
The implementation of appraisal and review processes (financial, tax, commercial and legal) often encounters many difficulties and may affect the success of the project. merit of the deal. A deep understanding of the seller’s culture coupled with the ability to properly plan the review will facilitate and make it much easier for both parties to collaborate on the entire process. The practical experience of Vietnamese FDI in many recent deals will bring real value to customers.

Picture2Negotiation Help

Cultural differences and business practices can make the negotiation process more difficult. Most of the staff of FDI Vietnam are trained abroad and have a lot of experience working in multinational companies. Therefore, we have the ability to help remove those barriers during the negotiation process.

Picture2Advising on legal procedures in Vietnam Nam
Our consulting team, with a solid understanding of the system